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Curstar, honest and enterprising, strive for perfection

It is our unremitting pursuit that the people of the Han nationality and the group of nationalities advocated the patriotic spirit of the nation, "the powerful nation in science and technology and the popularization of health". "Honest, enterprising, strive for perfection" is our eternal integrity. "Products assured, service satisfaction" is our constant commitment. With the great wish, you will welcome the vigorous spring of the national medical industry together with you!


enterprise culture


Self, self denial, self denial, justice, integrity, right



Become the world's most respected and trusted industry expert


Sense of worth

Because of need, so exist. Be someone you need; be a useful person to society; create value for your customers and strive to exceed expectations.



Powerful nation, equipped with the world



Deep ploughing China, left and right outspread, take the person that burgeoning market gets the world.



Control channels, service oriented, leading technology, and accumulated credibility


The four sentence

Faith supports life, and dedication wins praise
Services to achieve the market, adhere to the achievements of the cause


Ten words

Friendship, loyalty, innovation, pragmatism, crisis
Responsibility, enthusiasm, fate, frugality, simplicity

Management idea

Promote the popularization and application of medical laser in the field of minimally invasive surgery in China

Scientific and technological powers spread health

Curestar is the heart of the rise and fall of the fate of the motherland in mind, happy and healthy pure feelings and Hong Gu chi. At the same time as the revitalization of the national high-tech medical equipment industry has been appointed, winning glory for the country, thinkand.

To the scientific and technological power as our own responsibility, with the popularization and application of cutting-edge technology for the purpose, so that the most advanced technology for the benefit of the vast majority of the people


  • 2003

    Wang Zhijiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, formally became Vice Chairman and chief engineer of Han's laser.
  • 2004

    Han's laser stock listed in Shenzhen Stock abbreviation: Dazu laser, stock code: 002008; Dazu keruida theholmium laser by the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of Commerce, national quality inspection administration, the State Environmental
  • 2005

    Lu Yongxiang, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited and visited the Han company and wrote the inscription.
  • 2006

    Wu Yi, vice premier of the State Council, visited the Han Dynasty for laser inspection. Han's laser independently developed and launched an ultraviolet laser, which owns the United States patent.
  • 2007

    Han Dynasty laser chairman Gao Yunfeng won the 2006 Shenzhen mayor Award (entrepreneur class) second batch of national innovative pilot enterprises; Han branch of the company, in the same enterprise, the first through the ISO9001, ISO13485 certificat
  • 2008

    Han Dynasty laser company won the China Patent Excellence Award; former general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President Jiang Zemin came to visit the Han Dynasty; the Han Dynasty's laser demonstration products went to the 2008 Olympic gam
  • Speech

    The value of science and technology lies in the benefit of mankind. When laser this high-tech achievements by the medical profession and began widely used for human health services, but because of the different regions and countries, rich and poor so that a considerable part of the ordinary people difficult to enjoy the benefits of the great progress of science and technology. Corey Master always firmly believed that "enjoy health, experience of scientific and technological progress is full of human rights. It is the duty and obligation of every conscientious scientific and technological worker to make the most extensive groups enjoy the most advanced science and technology." Therefore, the basic tenet of the company is "powerful nation of science and technology and universal health."! From the point of view of national prosperity and revitalization of the country high-tech industry perspective, as the national high-tech medical equipment industry has been appointed, winning glory for the country, for the benefit of the people, the value and significance of popularization of cutting-edge technology and human health as each work Master kerei.
    Dazu Master Corey adhering to the Chinese wisdom, diligence and courage of the traditional. Based on the China Academy of patented technology and Anhui light mechanical and electrical integration of the top talents development advantages, to the pioneering spirit, the spirit of the times and the international first-class enterprise challenge, HLM type holmium laser product to fill the domestic blank, breaking the imported products for a long time China market price monopoly. The domestic hospital clinical application proves that keruida holmium laser has strong stability, safety and remarkable curative effect, the content of science and technology reached the international advanced level, some technical indicators are more than similar imported products. A hard, a harvest, the market is the touchstone of products in the market, just a few years time, Dazu keruida holmium laser with annual installed capacity of more than 100 units of the impressive performance, surpassing the number of imported products in the market share the same power products ranked first in the country.
    Each clan keruida people that a sincere heart development. Even in the most difficult days, Han kerei Master also teeth, to break the foreign monopoly price and the revitalization of the national medical industry responsibility. We believe that we are doing a good thing, because there will be more China patients no longer have to endure the "cut" the traditional surgical pain, Chinese physicians more can be produced by our own high-tech products and world-class experts on exchange.
    Of course, Dazu keruida growth, also cannot do without the background and environment, our country has grown into a popular type of medical device market is the largest in the world, is the high-end medical equipment market is one of the largest in the world, and the growth rate of 24% per year. In the high-tech medical products market, especially in the minimally invasive products that have formed the future development trend, national brands are few and far between. Many of the so-called advantages of foreign brands are not absolute. Since "God seven" can be proudly up into space. So, what are the reasons for our national high-tech medical industry to be lost to foreign brands?! Now we are very pleased to see that the implementation of national science and technology strategy, more and more national high-tech enterprises, began to pay attention to the quality and brand, like the bamboo shoots after the rain, thrive. Some of the products of scientific and technological content and quality standards have reached the world's advanced level.
    History has opened a new page in the medical industry, high-tech nation in the spring has come, and Han keruida this national high-tech industrial park in the crowd, will be the most sincere and strong attitude to face the world and the future, opportunities and crisis together, we want to tell all peers and friends, "the Chinese nation has always been no lack of wisdom and courage, in the fierce competition in the market competition, not only the myth of invincibility, let companies out of the market, we have become a wolf, tiger, and wolves, tigers mountains!"
    Han branch of the company, all employees, thanks to all our friends from all walks of life and friends who trust the products of our group, thanks to our colleagues and our competitors. Dazu kerei Master will use their own efforts and sweat to write a thick and heavy in colours brilliant, the national medical high-tech industry. The ideal of the great people of the Han family is to let the light of health shine on china!"





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