For fifteen years, twenty holmium lasers were carried out. Dazu Master created Chinese kerei medical holmium laser field numerous first, fully deserve to become the industry leader.
Today China, respect for life, is the history of the unique in pursuit of health, when many companies are immersed in one unit the "advantage", Corey Master deeply appreciate the nature return of medical equipment - is people-oriented. A number of patented technologies, combined with multi-channel laser multichannel laser by using the principle of rotary clearance work, which cooperate with each other, and are independent of each other, when any fault occurs, the other way laser compensatory work, ensure the operation safety of the process; Han keruida holmium laser with single and double Road Road, three road, four road and other different the specifications, with a number of patented technologies, realize the merger of multi-channel laser on time and space;
The largest single output control in the 32.5W, let the optical elements of the laser in the margin of safety, but also for the day after the power attenuation correction of the reserved space; pulse width dynamic adjustable technology Han keruida medical holmium laser therapeutic machine electrical system is composed of embedded microcomputer control system, IGBT laser power supply for charging and discharging from. The original calculation method, using scientific statistical methods, continuously adjustable pulse width in the true sense, adjusting step can be accurate to 1US; when the pulse width is narrow, automatic correction of electrical parameters of control system, realize the pulse width changes, single pulse energy of laser output power does not discount, do not discount. The range of pulse width adjustment is not only fine to 1US, but also dynamic range (250-800us);
When the pulse width is low, the peak power of the laser is very high, up to 10000W or more, and the impact force is strong. It can aim at the hard and big stones;
When the pulse width is high, the peak power is relatively low, which is suitable for the refinement treatment of stones and the vaporization cutting of tissues, and the operation field of view is clear, so as to ensure the better effect of crushed stones;
Professional design, high performance fiber keruida holmium laser fiber family clan family by 200u, 365u, 550u, 800u, 1000u, a variety of specifications, according to different indications, different parts, different specifications of the optical fiber, not only to ensure their own security, but also ensure the controllable output energy density, so as to achieve the best effect of surgery. Intelligent, high stability, high power optical fiber technology Dazu keruida fine holmium laser fiber coupling system is composed of lens group, aspheric lens, plane mirror optical system protection precision, not only can identify the fiber core diameter, but also by energy, frequency and core interlocking of the size, the best output parameters automatically the optical fiber end, to ensure the safety of;
At the same time, technology, cavity laser thermal lens compensation technology, aberration correction technology is adopted, the quality control of laser beam to increase the maximum output power of fine fiber, so as to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the flexible ureteroscope.
A full range of energy, power closed loop control system of laser energy and power stability is the treatment machine quality assurance signs, treatment machine not only real-time monitoring of the output of the laser parameters and electrical parameters of the laser power supply, real-time monitoring of temperature parameters of the cooling system, the closed-loop control system is composed of the package of safety information, accurate excitation pulse xenon lamp, frequency, energy and power to ensure the control accuracy of the decimal point a bit, but not stable within 8%.
Multiple damping system, sealing system is a core component of laser treatment machine, the working principle of reference to the automobile chassis, the design of double damping system, ensure that the laser output light path should not drift transport itself caused by oscillation. Laser with dust, moisture-proof, anti-static, anti electromagnetic interference sealing structure, ensure the laser with high power and high stability, long service life; the power calibration system of the interference while Han keruida created numerous technical indicators leading holmium laser,
But we believe that technical indicators do not have clinical value in themselves, but they pose a risk of clinical safety. As a result, each technical parameter of the group has retained the surplus margin to ensure that the product life cycle has the ability to compensate and calibrate.
Cooling system of zero wait because of changes in the ambient temperature, Dazu curestar laser through the research on the key technology of laser crystal, realize the crystal at room temperature, which completely solved the temperature limit.
When you open the treatment machine, perhaps not the best temperature of laser crystal temperature, cooling water temperature, the system not only can adjust to the temperature, and the control system will modify electrical parameters accurately, realize immediately any temperature of excitation, realize the true meaning of zero wait.
Quiet environment, every detail of the continuous operation of Dazu keruida pursuit of product, all uses the turnover structure of fan and water pump, pressure machine and other components, using a fixed structure, using EMC, 3C certified components, ensure the system work when the noise is less than 60dB





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