Basic after-sales service

One year warranty, lifetime maintenance

365 days, 24 hours without a break answer, after-sales service within 2 hours of active response, two routine maintenance every year


Value-added service

Provide training and study opportunities for clinicians and promote communication;

Assist hospital planning department to carry out relevant publicity and promotion, and maximize the development of good economic and social benefits.


During the installation, acceptance and commissioning of the equipment, professional engineers from our company train the designated equipment personnel for on-site equipment, daily use, maintenance, maintenance and other professional knowledge training.


1. the product warranty period: one year warranty, life-long maintenance.
2. Delivery:
1) delivery date: requested date of the hospital;
2) place of delivery: the named place of the hospital;
3) delivery: send professional after-sales engineers free door-to-door installation, debugging, acceptance.
3.installation: to provide a full set of design and implementation, will be installed to the designated location, responsible for debugging to the equipment in the best working condition.
4.installation and training of the hospital designated equipment personnel on-site equipment daily use and maintenance of professional knowledge training, and fill out the "holmium laser operation training records for the customer file, at the same time provide a complete set of product technical data. acceptance: the hospital and our engineers together acceptance, and by the hospital fill out "acceptance form", signature confirmation.
6.after-sales service:
1) from the date of acceptance of the equipment acceptance, provide one year host free warranty;
2) parts, wearing parts, quality problems within one year, is responsible for replacement;
3) man-made damage is not included in the warranty;
4) provide two free maintenance annually;
5) warranty expires, providing annual warranty service;
6) all failure repair response time is within 2 hours, and the maintenance personnel arrive at the scene within 24 hours after receiving the fault report.





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