Travel highlights of 2016

Date: 2017-05-24 09:13      Click:      Author: admin
Childhood, everyone has a dream in mind, close to embrace the sea, feel a sea of broad and human insignificance. After learning Hai Zi's "facing the sea with spring flowers", the yearning in the heart became stronger. Whenever the TV appears in the sea scene, it seems to be immersive, watching the vast sea in the lens, I feel all the troubles seem so insignificant. 

Finally, the company will dream in our hearts, in order to reality, organized the sunshine Qingdao three day tour. Really standing on the beach, the The sky is clear and bright.. Although the sea is not as blue as it is in the image, it is not as muddy as it has been reported. The sea is a bit cool, but still can not stop you go to.

Laughter, laughter, and all kinds of POSE pictures, nostalgia, let us have long forgotten the road of distant hardships. At the moment, to savor the poems of Haizi, I have a house, facing the sea, with spring flowers...... Don't have an artistic conception. The trip to the sea has enriched our collective life and left many wonderful memories in our life experiences.





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